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SPX Power Team hydraulic technology

SPX Power Team

Precision-matched cylinders, jacks and pump sets for a wide range of applications.

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A Huge Inventory Available in Stock for Immediate Delivery: 0-1,500 Ton. Strokes from .5 inch to 9 feet, available from stock Full range of Hydraulic Jacks, Hydraulic & Manual Torque Wrenches

Compact yet powerful lifting solutions. Single and double action options available. Reliable support for heavy loads. Versatile for various industrial applications. Ensures safe and efficient lifting operations.

Versatile hydraulic pumps with varying flow stages. High-pressure solutions for efficient fluid transfer. Diverse reservoir capacities cater to different needs. Precision-engineered for reliable performance. Essential component for hydraulic systems.

Specialized tools for hydraulic system maintenance. Nut splitters for efficient bolt removal. Torque wrenches for precise tightening. In-line drives for controlled power delivery. Spreaders for effective force distribution.

Advanced Custom hydraulic systems for  industry. Customizable solutions tailored to specific needs. Efficient force delivery mechanisms under demanding conditions. Enhanced  safety

The Power Team Brand

The Power Team brand under SPX FLOW specializes in cutting-edge high-pressure hydraulic technology. Offering a comprehensive range of component parts, accessories, and tools, Power Team facilitates the creation and maintenance of precise force delivery solutions tailored to diverse applications. From lifting and lowering to pushing, pulling, clamping, spreading, and torquing, Power Team’s offerings are versatile and robust. Its portfolio includes an array of hydraulic pumps with various flow stage configurations and reservoir capacities, alongside compact yet potent jacks, cylinders (both single and double action), and a variety of valves (including load-lowering, shut-off, pressure-reducing, sequence, and metering valves). Additionally, Power Team provides nut splitters, in-line drives, spreaders, bridge lifts, shop presses, mobile floor cranes, and torque wrenches to cater to a wide spectrum of industrial needs.

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