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SPX Power Team hydraulic technology

SPX Power Team specializes in high-pressure hydraulic technology

Power Team offers solutions to overcome your heavy lift challenge with over 96 years of experience


SPX Power Team RD20013 Double Acting Push/Pull Cylinders, 200 Ton Capacity, 13 1/8″ Stroke

The SPX Power Team RD20013 Double Acting Push/Pull Cylinders combine a robust 200-ton capacity with a generous 13 1/8″ stroke length for versatile lifting and pushing applications. Engineered for reliability, they offer precise control and durability in demanding industrial environments, ensuring efficient operation and enhanced productivity.


Perfect for bridge lifting, building reconstruction, shipyard, utility and mining equipment maintenance. Aluminum bronze overlay bearings provide long life, chrome plated piston rod resists corrosion. Load cap snaps out to expose internal piston rod threads for pulling applications; threads withstand full tonnage. Grooved ring pattern in load cap helps guard against load slippage. Each cylinder has two 9796 3/8" NPTF female half couplers. Built-in safety relief valve prevents over-pressurization of the retract circuit. Feature mounting holes and collar threads.

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