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SPX Power Team hydraulic technology

SPX Power Team specializes in high-pressure hydraulic technology

Power Team offers solutions to overcome your heavy lift challenge with over 96 years of experience


RLS300 10-30 ton Low Profile Hydraulic Cylinder

The RLS300 30-ton Low Profile Hydraulic Cylinder offers robust lifting power in a compact design, ideal for tight spaces. Its durable construction ensures reliable performance for heavy-duty applications. With a 300mm stroke length, it provides precise control and efficiency, making it a trusted choice for industrial lifting operations.


Cylinder body, piston and gland nut “Power Tech” treated for corrosion and abrasion resistance.
Standard domed piston rod (5- 30 ton) or swivel cap (50-150 ton) minimize effects of off-center loading.
Unique heavy duty spring provides fast piston return.
A 9796 3/8" NPTF female half coupler is standard with each cylinder (the RLS50 has a 3/8" coupler which is not angled). Oil ports are 3/8" NPTF (except the RLS50).
Couplers on all cylinders, except RLS50, are angled upward for extra clearance.

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