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SPX Power Team hydraulic technology

SPX Power Team specializes in high-pressure hydraulic technology

Power Team offers solutions to overcome your heavy lift challenge with over 96 years of experience


Classic Series Electric Hydraulic Pump PE55TWP-BS

The Power Team Classic Series Electric Hydraulic Pump PE55TWP-BS is a robust and versatile hydraulic pump designed for various industrial applications. With a compact yet powerful design, it offers reliable performance and easy operation. The pump features a high-efficiency electric motor and a durable hydraulic system, capable of delivering consistent pressure for demanding tasks. Its portable nature and user-friendly controls make it an ideal choice for professionals requiring efficient hydraulic power on-site.

Electric Hydraulic Pump

Classic series electric hydraulic pump PE55TWP-BSA is a cost-effective workhorse from Power Team. In addition to the lightweight design for operator comfort, it has been the market leading electric pump for over 30 years.

Its 4-tool manifold allows Classic Series Electric Hydraulic Pump operators to use up to 4 tools simultaneously, significantly reducing downtime. High quality with over 100 000 cycles and continuous duty in ambient temperatures up to 50 °C lower lifecycle costs.

Sourced from SPXFLOWBolting Systems, a 2-speed high performance pump and hand remote enhance usability.

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